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History of the Concerned Citizens of Freetown
The Concerned Citizens of Freetown was organized in May, 1999 because of the constant threat of industrial development on land located in a residential area of East Freetown.  These parcels of land are situated on a two mile stretch of Braley Road where the predominantly black, Cape Verdean community lives.  These multicultural neighborhoods of low to moderate-income families are the only minority group in Freetown that would be affected by future industrial development of these privately owned lots.  This is the only area of Freetown that the residents have been victimized and subjected to "Environmental Racism" for 18 years or more and it continues even until today. 

The CCF and their supporters have been very successful in preventing the development of an asphalt plant and a trucking and distribution center because of the massive increase in traffic that both would generate on the residents of Braley Road; and the banning of fly ash (coal) from being stored in Freetown.  We are still involved in halting all industrial development located on Braley Road in the residential community of East Freetown.

As of July, 2003, we are still engaged in an ongoing battle with a local developer in our community who is trying to develop a 9-lot industrial park on 41 acres of land on 66 Braley Road.  We believe that unclean businesses will form in our community as a result, such as a permanent concrete plant, a potential waste treatment plant, among others.  We are very concerned for the well being of the people in this community for their public health and safety.

We want to reach out to all in Freetown.  We are concerned for the betterment of Assonet and East Freetown and we invite those concerned to join us in making our town a better, more liveable place.

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